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Discover a great option for commercial roof installation in Alexander City, Auburn, Montgomery or Selma, AL

As a business owner, you want a roof with excellent durability for a price that won't throw off your budget. That's where hot tar roofing comes in. Capitol City Roofing, LLC provides commercial roof installation services using hot tar roofing materials.

Hot tar roofing is a good choice businesses in the Alexander City, Auburn, Montgomery & Selma, AL areas because of its:

  • Weather resistance: Our roofing contractor will seal moisture and mold out of the roof. Hot tar roofing is also resistant to hail and storm damage.
  • Affordable price: Our contractor can provide hot tar roofing services at a lower cost than many other roofing services.
  • Energy conservation: Tar will keep air from drafting through a building's roof. Your HVAC system won't have to work harder to maintain an even temperature.

To find out more about hot tar roofing, contact our roofing contractor right away. We'll be happy to answer any questions.

Hot tar roofing stays sturdy for decades

With proper maintenance after your commercial roof installation, you can expect the roof to last for 35 years or more. If you should need professional maintenance or repair services, you can always turn to our company. Call 334-277-3311 today to discuss your roof's needs.